Healthy Habits to Start When you are Bored

It is the 58th day of being in quarantine and I developed a few unhealthy habits- scrolling social media, watching trashy tv, eating too much ice cream, and working from bed. I am not not proud of these habits, but to be fair, I never thought something like this would happen in my lifetime and I have been doing my best to cope with all of the uncertainty.

Now that it is has been almost two months and counting of physical distancing, I am determined to get back to my usual routine and incorporate healthier activities to improve my overall well-being during this time. I was inspired to do this after listening to The Happiness Lab podcast with Dr. Laurie Santos who shares mental health tips based on Positive Psychology. I thought it would be best to create a daily routine based on the PERMA-V model, which is a Positive Psychology principle of 'the building blocks of the good life'.

I have already started with creating videos for my youtube channel and even writing this blog has helped me achieve a state of flow. What are some things that you want to add to your routine while you are 'safe at home'? If you want to hear about what I am doing or need some help with ideas, you can click the video to find out.

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